Are you looking to live a meaningful life?

Do you have a passion to live authentically and to make your difference in this world? Do you hear a voice whispering to you that you are destined for something more?


Do you have questions that keep you up at night?

* Is this really all there is to life?
* How do I find my authentic story?
* Do I have what it takes?


Do you hope to live a story worth telling?

I can help.

I know the fears. I’ve lived the failures. And I’ve found the path forward. (More on my story in a bit.)

"I highly recommend Todd as a coach. He has the ability to empower his clients in the pursuit and attainment of their dreams. Todd has been instrumental in assisting me into the realization of my dreams. His compassionate, authentic and reliable support, has been of immeasurable value to me." Ezna Groenewald, President and Partner, Lift Leadership Coaching.

You can be the hero of your own story — a story that is passionate, purposeful and powerful.

That’s my promise to you.

I help people just like you discover and live your own hero story.


If you want to find your passion. If you want to be your authentic self. If you want to discover your hero story. Then this free webinar is for you. Claim your spot now.

Some years ago I was growing increasingly dissatisfied with life. I couldn’t pinpoint why until I stumbled upon a question that totally messed me up.

The Question: "Are you the hero of your own story?"

I instantly heard a voice inside me cry out, “No I’m not!"

If my story was a movie, I wouldn’t be the protagonist, I wouldn’t even be a supporting actor, I’d be an unnamed extra in my own movie. The credits would refer to me as “guy in taxi” or something like that.

I struggled to understand why I wasn’t the hero of my own story.
What was wrong with me?

I came to realize I wasn’t living MY story. That was the problem.
I was living someone else’s version of my story. It left me feeling empty inside.

So there I was living someone else’s idea of what my story should be. I was at a total loss. I didn’t know what my authentic story was. I didn’t know how to find it. And once I found it, I didn’t know if I had what it takes to live it.

What I did know was I had to find my authentic story or die trying!


I read mountains of books, I listened to countless audio teachings, I learned to journal and to listen to myself, and I invested significantly in my growth. And it was worth it. I discovered keys to my hero story — those things that really light me up inside.

Do you ever wish there was a cheat sheet that had all the answers? I did.
Not some fluffy, “find your purpose in five minutes” kind-of-thing, but something that provides genuine help.

Well, I’ve created exactly what I wish I had when I was searching. I've created a step-by-step process to help you discover your hero story.

If you're struggling to live your authentic story, to live most days with passion and purpose.
If you're worried that your authentic story will always be stuck as a fantasy, never a reality.
Or maybe you're not even sure what your authentic story is, then this process is for you.

My aim is to help you:
  ** discover your passion
  ** believe in your potential
  ** create your plan of action
  ** and make your story a heroic one

For me, it’s been a challenging journey discovering my hero story, but it’s been worth it. My hero story is all about helping people like you discover your hero story; and that’s where you find me today: coaching, teaching and creating. Helping people discover their passion — their hero story — and create the life they were meant to live.

And I've never been happier!

(here's my happy face)

Are you ready to live your authentic message?

Will this be the year for you to discover your hero story?

There’s no need to wait. Click now to discover your hero story.


Are you ready to discover your hero story?

"I would highly recommend the Hero Story email course to anyone and everyone. It is a great way to work toward discovering your own story. It doesn't take long ... it helped me see what I want for my future and to begin to act on my Hero Story."


"Hey Todd! I was thinking about all the added life skills, motivation and next step kinda of thinking that has developed in me through working with you. ... just wanted to encourage you and say, Thanks!"


"Todd is a remarkable combination of compassionate listener and skilled observer. He can guide you through the questions that will help you find the answers you’ve been seeking."


My Promise: You can be the hero of your own story — a story that is passionate, purposeful and powerful. I can help.

My name is Todd MacPherson and I’m a coach, storyteller, leader and mentor. I love spending time with my family. I love a good mystery. And I love helping people discover their true passion and create the life they were meant to live.

Each day you are crafting your own story, make it a heroic one.


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