How to drive your dreams forward: simple strategies that really work.

herostory podcast Sep 11, 2019



Trapped in a soul-crushing job? And some days it’s all you can do to survive?

You dream of escaping the soul-crush and living your dreams!


Ready to do more than dreaming of your escape?

Here’s how to turn those dreams into reality.


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How to Survive your Soul-crushing job: simple strategies that really work.

herostory podcast Sep 04, 2019


Does this sound like you?

I feel so utterly deflated and defeated by my work each day.

I drag myself home, take care of my kids, then drag myself to the couch and mindlessly watch Netflix while consuming wine.

I then drag myself to bed knowing I have to repeat it all...

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Ready to escape your soul-crushing job? How to start your escape, now.

herostory podcast Aug 28, 2019


Do any of these sound familiar?

“I don’t know how much more of this job I can take.”

“I end up crying in the staff washroom almost every day.” 

“I can’t keep on the treadmill I’m on. It’s killing my soul.”...

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Afraid of making the wrong choice? How to turn your dreams into reality.

herostory podcast Aug 21, 2019


But what if I make the wrong choice.

I’ve got to figure it out first.

Then I’ll go after my dreams.

Is the fear of the “wrong choice” holding you back?

The fear of a “Wrong Direction or Decision” holds back so many dreams.


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Dream not matching reality? How to truly empower your dreams.

herostory podcast Aug 14, 2019


Feeling lost and frustrated?

Dream and reality feeling miles apart?

Desperate to turn your dreams into reality?

The key to empowering your dreams is found in discovering and creating your authentic story.

If you’re desperate to turn your dreams into reality,...

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Feel like you’ll never achieve your dreams? How to overcome failure and setbacks.

herostory podcast Aug 07, 2019


Failures and setbacks have you down?

Wondering if you’ll ever achieve your dreams?

But you’re not ready to (or can’t afford to) give up!


I’ve been there!

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m sharing some of my most painful...

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My secret weapon for Overcoming Overwhelm

herostory podcast Jul 31, 2019


Do you have those time where you’re anxious and feeling overwhelmed? Of course, you do. We all do.

What about those times where you don’t know why it just this nebulous feeling? Yup, me too.

And it’s holding you back?

You need to get a handle on the...

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Are you saying NO to your true story? (You might even be saying no without knowing it!)

herostory podcast Jul 24, 2019


When you were a kid, did your parents ever answer “maybe” or “later”?

And I bet you knew that was the same answer as “no”.

The important question is, Are you doing the same thing to yourself?

Are you saying “no” to...

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Is the fear of failure holding you back?

herostory podcast Jul 17, 2019


Which is worse? Failure or the Fear of Failure?

The first expands, the second depletes.

The fear of failure is dangerous and disguised

Is the fear of failure holding you back?


I’ve noticed it’s been showing up in my life.

In this week’s...

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It was here a moment ago! How to find your motivation again.

herostory podcast Jul 10, 2019


You’ve done it. You’ve survived a crazy, busy season.

In fact, you did a little more than survive, you thrived.

You should feel proud, and excited about the days ahead, but instead, you find yourself feeling a little adrift -- lost even.

How do you reconnect...

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