The Secret of Successful Escapes! (How to escape your soul-crushing job)

herostory podcast Dec 19, 2018


Is it time for you to make your escape from that soul-crushing job?

Do you want to know the three essentials to make your escape?

Are you Desperate to Create the life you long to live?

Today’s podcast is all about How to Successfully Escape your Soul-Crushing Job.


Last week we looked at three traps most people fall into when making their escape — and the one you’re most at risk from. (See Episode 03:

1) The Impulsive Escape

2) The Makeshift Escape

3) The Imaginary Escape

Today we look at the fourth (and my preferred) escape route...

4) The Authentic Escape — You plan, prepare, and then jump.

With this escape route, you tough it out long enough to discover your dream, create a plan (a real parachute) and then you jump when it’s best for you.

I have seen this option work time and time again.

If you’re going to spend even one more day in soul-crush, make it worthwhile, start creating your dream life, today.

You need to make your escape without making things worse. That’s why you need to accelerate your escape.


1. Get Clarity

You absolutely need to escape that soul-crushing job. It’s not healthy, it’s not you, it’s not life. But you need to do more than just escape, you need to create. Deep-down inside you know you are made for more; you long to live the life you were meant to live — your personal Hero Story.

And if you’re going to create something, you need to have at least a basic idea of what it is you are wanting to create. You need clarity.

In the free cheat sheet, I walk you through a fill-in-the-blanks exercise for getting clear on what’s most important to you. It’s a short, simple process that will help you discover the clarity you crave. (

Once you have some clarity you need to…

2. Get a Plan

You need to choose a meaningful direction to go and you need to take some action. It’s really critical that you avoid the trap of inaction. The idea that you’ve got to figure it all out before you start is not at all true.

In every successful case of someone escaping their soul-crush and creating their dream life, you will find that they did not know all the steps or milestones to get to their dream life. And in every successful case, they didn’t let that stop them.

The single greatest thing we can do to turn dreams into reality is to act today, and then repeat.

To get started today, choose your first milestone. A milestone should be something that is challenging, yet attainable.

Don’t try to figure out everything you need to do. Just follow four simple steps:

  1. Choose your first milestone.
  2. List any action steps you can.
  3. Identify your first action step.
  4. Take action today.


A couple of questions to get you started:

  • What might be a good first milestone?
  • What are the actions you can think of?
  • And what is your next action step?
  • When will you do this action?

3. Get Support

I know the agony of being desperate to escape yet feeling trapped and unable to escape. And I’ve just given you a lot to think about — it might feel like too much, particularly if you’re really feeling stuck. I know how it is, I’ve been in that stuck place, where every effort seems overwhelming and every decision seems impossible.

But you’re not on your own, I’m here to help! If you have any questions or need to chat, please email me at [email protected] Or you can message me through my Facebook page: or through Instagram @ToddWMacPherson (


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Thanks again for joining me… Talk with you next week!



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