My Christmas Gift to you.

herostory podcast Dec 24, 2018


Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

The Holidays are Here - Full of Great Memories and Sad ones too.

Like you, I have my share of wonderful memories and painful ones.

As it’s Christmas, I’m going to share a few stories with you (both happy and sad)

Plus, in the spirit of the holidays, I have a free gift for you at the end of this podcast


So, in this episode, I share a few of my favourite Christmas memories. One involves a moment that made my mom’s Christmas and the other is about a favourite family memory with my wife and kids.

Also, I share why Christmas is a little bitter-sweet for me.

I think you’ll love the stories.

Plus, I have a Christmas gift for you :)

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Enjoy the episode.


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This week’s listener shoutout is from Rob Funk who says:

After the first few minutes, you all of a sudden realize you’re drawn into the well-told story of his experiences. It’s very motivational and gives you good food for thought and tools to grow and develop yourself!

Thank you, Rob!


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