How to Make Mistakes, Mis-steps and the Messy Middle work for you.

herostory podcast Apr 03, 2019


Have you ever made a mistake? (Of course you have.)

And has it messed you up? (Join the club!)

Are you ready to make mistakes work for you? (Um, duh!)

Here’s how to make Mistakes, Mis-steps and the Messy Middle work for you.


Someday, after you’ve achieved your dreams and have become a shining example of success and inspiration for others, people will tell your story. And chances are they will make it sound easy, romantic and glorious.

But the truth is great stories are a series of mistakes, mis-steps and the messy middle moments. The key is learning to make them work for you.

That’s what this episode is all about.

Are you ready? Your Hero Story awaits.

Enjoy the episode.


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