How to Create your Next Defining Moment, Today.

herostory podcast Jul 03, 2019


When will you have your next defining moment?

Defining moments change us and determine much of our potential.

Most people leave their defining moments to random chance.

But you’re not like most people are you?


Here’s How to Create your Next Defining Moment, Today.


Life is a series of moments, ordinary, average moments, with the occasional more substantive moment thrown in. These defining moments change us, shape us, and determine much of our potential.

Yet sadly, most people do little to create meaningful, defining moments; they leave it all to chance.

Maybe that’s because most defining moments don’t look like defining moments at first. They look like risk, they look like commitment, and they look like hard work.

But you don’t have to leave it to chance.

Here are three questions to set yourself up for your next defining moment.

Enjoy the episode.



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