It was here a moment ago! How to find your motivation again.

herostory podcast Jul 10, 2019


You’ve done it. You’ve survived a crazy, busy season.

In fact, you did a little more than survive, you thrived.

You should feel proud, and excited about the days ahead, but instead, you find yourself feeling a little adrift -- lost even.

How do you reconnect with your motivation -- after the crazy-busy?


It’s been a very busy season for me. (This episode is particularly autobiographical.)


And as the crazy-busy season comes to an end, I should feel excited. But I find that I seem to have lost my motivation.

My get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went.


So when my coach asked me, “what do we need to talk about today?” I knew we needed to talk about this lack of motivation.

I’m happy to share with you what came out of that coaching conversation, the difference it is making in my life right now. (And how it will work for you too.)

Enjoy the episode.



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