Are you saying NO to your true story? (You might even be saying no without knowing it!)

herostory podcast Jul 24, 2019


When you were a kid, did your parents ever answer “maybe” or “later”?

And I bet you knew that was the same answer as “no”.

The important question is, Are you doing the same thing to yourself?

Are you saying “no” to your true story?


I knew that when my parents said, “maybe,” or “later” it really meant no.

My kids complained about the same thing (it’s kinda universal with parents & kids).

It’s really critical that you realize that it works the same way when you’re talking to yourself.


Words like Maybe, Later, and Someday mean the same thing as NO.

And when you tell yourself that you’ll live your true story later, you’re telling yourself NO.


Life is too short to wait. It’s time to live your authentic story now!


This week’s podcast is about telling yourself YES!

Enjoy the episode.



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