Out of gas, wanting to write, and turning dreams into reality!

herostory podcast Jan 23, 2019


If you’re desperate to escape your soul-crushing job.
If you believe that your life doesn’t have to be stuck in misery.
If you’re hungry to live your authentic, extraordinary life.
And… You know you are destined for a life of freedom.

Then this is...

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Wanting to turn your dreams into reality? Here’s the three essential strategies you need.

herostory podcast Jan 16, 2019


Are you desperate to turn your dreams into reality?

Are you looking for the smart way to escape your soul-crush and create your dreams?

And are you hoping there’s an easy way to get started on the life you’ve always wanted?

Then you’ve come to the...

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Big Dreams, Big Risks, and the Courage to be Authentically You!

herostory podcast Jan 09, 2019


Do you have big dreams for your life?

Do you long to create an extraordinary life?

Do you sometimes struggle to overcome your fears?

Then this episode is for you. “Big Dreams, Big Risks, and the Courage to be Authentically You!”


In this podcast...

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Who else wants to make 2019 your best year ever?

herostory podcast Jan 02, 2019


92% of new year resolutions fail.

Personally, I think you should skip the resolution, there’s a better option.

In today’s episode, I share the story of the most inspirational person I know and what you and I can learn from her.

Are you ready to make 2019...

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My Christmas Gift to you.

herostory podcast Dec 24, 2018


Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

The Holidays are Here - Full of Great Memories and Sad ones too.

Like you, I have my share of wonderful memories and painful ones.

As it’s Christmas, I’m going to share a few stories with you (both happy and...

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The Secret of Successful Escapes! (How to escape your soul-crushing job)

herostory podcast Dec 19, 2018


Is it time for you to make your escape from that soul-crushing job?

Do you want to know the three essentials to make your escape?

Are you Desperate to Create the life you long to live?

Today’s podcast is all about How to Successfully Escape your...

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Desperate to jump from your soul-crushing job? Listen to this first.

herostory podcast Dec 12, 2018


Are you desperate to jump from your soul-crushing job? That’s great!


Do you know the traps that most people fall into when making their escape?

Chances are, you’re at risk of one of these right now!

In this week’s podcast,...

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Are you trapped in a miserable job? Well, I’ve got good news!

herostory podcast Dec 04, 2018




Are you trapped in a miserable job? Well, I’ve got good news!

Today we’re talking about 90,000 hours of misery — or at least that’s what it is for way too many people.

Most of us will spend 90,000 hours of our...

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What if you live your whole life and never live YOUR hero story?

herostory podcast Nov 28, 2018




There’s only so much soul-crush a person can take.

Have you ever been there - where it feels like your job is slowly destroying you? Where work is soul-crushing and life is starting to feel empty?

I knew I had to take action...

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How NOT to escape your soul-crushing job. (And the proven method to actually make your escape!)

escape herostory Aug 01, 2018

Life is too short to spend a third of it in misery!

You will spend over 90,000 hours of your life working. Unfortunately, the majority of people will be unhappy much of this time. In fact, two-thirds of employees worldwide are unhappy with their employment situation.1

I bet the last thing you...

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