Boo! What to do when your dreams scare you.

herostory podcast Oct 30, 2019


Do your dreams sometimes scare you?

Does the uncertainty cause you to hesitate?

Fear typically accompanies dreams and new things.

But it doesn’t have to hold you back -- here’s how.


In this podcast episode, I share 4 essential actions to deal with...

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How to Dream Big (a big that you can actually achieve)

herostory podcast Oct 23, 2019


Do you ever wonder if your dreams will actually come true?

Are your dreams too big?

Are they too small?

And how do you turn your dreams into reality?


In this week’s podcast episode, I’m going to share the lessons I’ve learned from years of...

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How to Leverage the Hidden Horsepower of Gratitude and Thanksgiving!

herostory podcast Oct 16, 2019


Do you have big dreams for your life?

And it’s critical that those big dreams come true?

If you’re looking to pour some rocket-fuel on your dreams, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s How to Leverage the Hidden Horsepower of Gratitude and...

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The Alarming Costs of your soul-crushing job (and what to do about it).

herostory podcast Oct 09, 2019


Is your soul-crushing job costing you too much?

Normally I like to say I have good news for you, but today I have to tell you I have bad news.

The cost of your soul-crushing job is worse than you think.

Did you know that several studies show that between 20 to 40% of...

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The Secret Power of Growing Daily (and a blue, banana-seat bike).

herostory podcast Oct 02, 2019


Do you have a dream for a life you long to live? (Of course, you do.)

Are you hungry to turn that dream into reality? (Absolutely!)

And are you tired of the cycle of one step forward and two steps back? (Desperately!)

Here’s the only reliable way to turn your...

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How to have more hope, no matter your circumstances.

herostory podcast Sep 25, 2019


Do any of these resonate with you?

“I just feel so deflated right now.”

“If only (blank) would change, things would be better.”

“When are things going to get better?!?”


Let me ask you this.

Is your life absolutely full of hope?...

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How to make your dreams thrive: simple strategies that really work.

herostory podcast Sep 18, 2019


Is today a survive, drive or thrive day?

  • Survive -- some days all you can do is survive.
  • Drive -- most days you’ve got to intentionally generate the drive.
  • Thrive -- some days you feel alive and empowered to thrive.


So let me ask you a question.

Is it...

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How to drive your dreams forward: simple strategies that really work.

herostory podcast Sep 11, 2019



Trapped in a soul-crushing job? And some days it’s all you can do to survive?

You dream of escaping the soul-crush and living your dreams!


Ready to do more than dreaming of your escape?

Here’s how to turn those dreams into reality.


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How to Survive your Soul-crushing job: simple strategies that really work.

herostory podcast Sep 04, 2019


Does this sound like you?

I feel so utterly deflated and defeated by my work each day.

I drag myself home, take care of my kids, then drag myself to the couch and mindlessly watch Netflix while consuming wine.

I then drag myself to bed knowing I have to repeat it all...

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Ready to escape your soul-crushing job? How to start your escape, now.

herostory podcast Aug 28, 2019


Do any of these sound familiar?

“I don’t know how much more of this job I can take.”

“I end up crying in the staff washroom almost every day.” 

“I can’t keep on the treadmill I’m on. It’s killing my soul.”...

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